Rug Cleaning Service


We are among the best respected professional sanitation companies in Acton, and Greater London as a whole at the present moment. Our premier quality cleaning services are a good example of the reasons this is so. If you want your rugs and small carpets to be in a prime condition at all times, but you would prefer to be spared from the responsibility to have them vacuumed and cleaned nearly every day, why don’t you just leave it all to us?

Our cleaners are ready to be at your service

Our trained, very capable and fully licensed professional cleaners based in Acton will happily take up the responsibility to look after your rugs when you have other, more important engagements to attend to. By employing tested methods, powerful equipment and in case there are really harsh stains – eco-friendly and efficient cleaning products – they will keep your favourite area rugs in shape. We will come to your place at any time that would be best suited to your own personal schedule, get the work done quickly and be on our way right away. No hassle, no stress, strain on your part whatsoever.

We are the best cleaning firm in town and we will prove it

Over the years our top notch rug cleaning service has received tons of positive customer feedback, praising mainly its:

  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Prices

We know how to tailor and deliver a service that is going to achieve the highest levels of clients’ satisfaction and that is precisely what we have been doing for the past several years. Our Acton covering rug cleaning service has been used by residents and business owners from around the area alike. We never take a job lightly and demonstrate precision, diligence and professionalism that the people who hire us like a lot.

No chances taken

In order to produce optimal results without wasting any resources, we have gathered some of the best rug and carpet cleaning equipment that is currently employed by the industry. By utilising the power of steam our machines can reach deep into the fabrics of your carpets and extract every last bit of dirt, soil, dust and allergens from them, without causing any damage. Our steam rug cleaning methodology is just the thing you have been looking for and are going to like.

Competitive prices and exquisite deals

If you book a rug cleaning service in Acton from us for more than £100 you will have the chance to receive a 10% discount from any upholstery cleaning treatment. Prices for sanitation of small rugs start from £14 and large ones at £26. Get in touch for more details and a free quote.