Steam Mattress Cleaning Service

The level of hygiene in your bedroom, and especially the one of your mattress is not something that should be taken lightly. After all that is the place in your home that you spend the most time. For healthy, refreshing night’s sleep, you need well sanitised mattresses and that is precisely the reason why we are here. We offer competitively priced, highly efficient and flexibly scheduled mattress cleaning service in Acton that you can count on in every situation.

Specialists suggest that having your mattresses professionally cleaned at least once every six months is the best thing to do. If you think that you do not have enough time for such a thing, think again. Our sanitation services are scheduled in accordance to your own personal agenda, needs and personal preferences. Not only that, but we employ high end equipment and when it is necessary – cleaning products that are quite powerful and efficient, yet lacking any dangerous chemicals that may pose a threat to your health.

Great value on competitive prices

We offer the best value for money that is currently available on the market today. All Acton covering sanitation services coming from our firm come with great customer satisfaction and will not put unnecessary strain on your budget, and this applies to our mattress cleaning offers as well. We charge merely £17 for a single mattress cleaning, £22 for a double mattress and £48 for a king size one. Additionally, if you book us to treat more than three mattresses or more, you will be getting 10% off the price of the whole service. If that is not a great deal we do not know what is.

All the right reasons to hire us for a mattress sanitation

Get on board with us for a mattress cleaning and experience the full benefits of having namely us working for you:

  • Our friendly and very helpful around the clock customer support ready to answer your questions via phone and email
  • The licensed, insured, carefully vetted professional cleaners at our team, who are always up for a challenge
  • The state of the art equipment that we use to produce excellent results with no hassle, stress or strain for our clients
  • Eco-friendly, efficient methods that live up to the highest industry standards

It is never too soon to get in touch with us

There are quite a few other excellent benefits to having us work for you and they will all be revealed to you once you decide to book us. You can do that by filling out the easy to use contact form on this website, or alternatively you can go the old-fashioned way and just give us a call on the numbers provided here.